Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I call? Mar 22, 2017

You can call the office at 818-230-2053

Patrick Graham - Publisher - 818-230-2053


Why do I get a disconnect notice when I call your phone number? May 24, 2010

We use Google Voice to route our calls and we recently discovered that they are having some issues with phone calls from certain providers not working well with their system. They are working on the problem and should have it fixed soon.
If you get a disconnect notice, please notify our support and we will report the problem back to Google.
Date Added 5-24-11 ^top

Who can I email? Jan 28, 2010

For billing questions, go here.
For tech support, go here.
For listing questions or updates,
For sales and marketing, or ^top

The Competition (so to speak...) Mar 20, 2009

I've put together a list of other production listings services. Feel free to shop around. We're still the only service that is 24/7 live and updated daily.

If I've left anybody off, just let me know and I'll put you on the list.

Production Weekly - - $59.95 / month

Production Reference Services - $75 / mo, $780 / year.

Production Leads - $299 / 3 mos.,

The Mercury Production Report - $52 / mo, $400 / year.

Production Alert - $55 / mo, $395 / year.

USA Production News - $9.99 per week, $39 per month

Development leads - - $449 / 3 mos. ^top

Your notes Sep 16, 2009

If you suspend your account for any reason, your account is still active and so are your notes. If you return, all you need to do is login using your email and password then right under your name in the upper right corner of the screen will say Subscribe Now. Click on it to subscribe.

All of your notes and history will be there. ^top

How do I seach by title? Oct 06, 2009

It’s not necessary to use all the words in the title. For example, you know there’s a movie in development about Harry Houdini. Just type in Houdini and if the name is in the title, the title will pop up.

The database is purposely designed for this type of "loose search." Don't bother using "The" or "A" to begin titles. Searching "too tightly" may yield no result at all unless the title you type is absolutely perfect. So better to type "Exorcist" rather than "The Exorcist" or "An Exorcist." ^top

Why can't I find listings with apostrophes? Oct 06, 2009

The database does not like apostrophes. For example, if you want to know the status of “Where’s Waldo,” type “Where” or “Waldo.” If you type Where’s Waldo, no listing will show up. ^top

How do I search for recently updated listings? Oct 06, 2009

To get a quick view of what’s been modified recently, go to “In List View” and click on “Modified.” All the listings will be in the order of the date modified, from the most recent to the earliest.If you click on the various stages of status, you can further modify your search.

For example: You want to know which films are in pre-production: Place check marks
in “Motion Picture” and “Pre-production.” Then, if you wish to know what the most recent entries are, click on “Modified.”

If you click on "Rico List" appropriate dates will show up, where dates are available, for start of production.

How do I search by location? Oct 06, 2009

You may search by Location. Type in the name of the City, State or Country. For example: If you want to know about films in the State of Illinois, type “IL" If you want to know about projects in Chicago, type “Chicago.”
If you search by location and also click on "Rico List" you can see production dates where they are available. ^top

How can I see other projects that people have worked on? Oct 06, 2009

When you click on a project in the database, you may click on any name in the crew listed to see what other projects that person is attached to.

You may also search by the specific name by going to production listings, type in the persons name, tick off person, and search. You may do this in list or paper view. ^top

How do I cancel my account? May 21, 2010

Log into your account and click on the "My Account & Notes" tab and then click on the cancel button. ^top