Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can I Call Jul 13, 2018

For now, you can call me:

Patrick Graham
818-451-7030 ^top

The Competition (so to speak...) Mar 20, 2009

I've put together a list of other production listings services. Feel free to shop around. We're still the only service that is 24/7 live and updated daily AND in a live database AND and iOS and Android App ( .

If I've left anybody off, just let me know and I'll put you on the list.

Production Weekly - - $675 / year, $375 / 6mo, $75 / month

Production Reference Services - $75 / mo, $780 / year.
As of 2020, appears to be out of business.

Production Leads - $299 / 3 mos.,

The Mercury Production Report - $52 / mo, $400 / year.
As of 2020, appears to be out of business.

Production Alert - $55 / mo, $395 / year.
As of 2020, appears to be out of business.

USA Production News - $9.99 per week, $39 per month (as of 7/14/2018 - they appear to be out of business, hard to tell)

Development leads - - $449 / 3 mos. ^top

Your notes Sep 16, 2009

If you suspend your account for any reason, your account is still active and so are your notes. If you return, all you need to do is login using your email and password then right under your name in the upper right corner of the screen will say Subscribe Now. Click on it to subscribe.

All of your notes and history will be there.

11/16/2018 - Update - All notes are now fully functional and back online. ^top

How do I seach by title? Oct 06, 2009

It’s not necessary to use all the words in the title. For example, you know there’s a movie in development about Harry Houdini. Just type in Houdini and if the name is in the title, the title will pop up.

The database is purposely designed for this type of "loose search." Don't bother using "The" or "A" to begin titles. Searching "too tightly" may yield no result at all unless the title you type is absolutely perfect. So better to type "Exorcist" rather than "The Exorcist" or "An Exorcist." ^top

Why do I get a disconnect notice when I call your phone number? May 24, 2010

We use Google Voice to route our calls and we recently discovered that they are having some issues with phone calls from certain providers not working well with their system. They are working on the problem and should have it fixed soon.
If you get a disconnect notice, please notify our support and we will report the problem back to Google.
Date Added 5-24-11 ^top

Why can't I find listings with apostrophes? Oct 06, 2009

The database does not like apostrophes. For example, if you want to know the status of “Where’s Waldo,” type “Where” or “Waldo.” If you type Where’s Waldo, no listing will show up. ^top

How do I search for recently updated listings? Oct 06, 2009

To get a quick view of what’s been modified recently, go to “In List View or Rico List” and click on “Modified.” All the listings will be in the order of the date modified, from the most recent to the earliest.If you click on the various stages of status, you can further modify your search.

For example: You want to know which films are in pre-production: Place check marks
in “Motion Picture” and “Pre-production.” Then, if you wish to know what the most recent entries are, click on “Modified.”

If you click on "Rico List" appropriate dates will show up, where dates are available, for start of production.

How do I search by location? Oct 06, 2009

You may search by Location. Type in the name of the City, State or Country. For example: If you want to know about films in the State of Illinois, type “IL" If you want to know about projects in Chicago, type “Chicago.”
If you search by location and also click on "Rico List" you can see production dates where they are available. ^top

Status of Below the Line and Production Listings billing issues Mar 19, 2020

General notes about the status of Below the Line Production Listings billing issues:

3/16/2020 - UPDATE # 4

As of now - we haven't had a single instance of double billing since we corrected the problem in July 2018.

7/17/2018 - UPDATE #3

Server OS updated. Many list returned but as of this morning, an error is showing where the project detail should be. This is our number one priority.

Right behind that is the credit card payment page.

More info as we fix any new issues.

7/17/2018 - UPDATE # 2
Project Detail back and working fine.

12/1/2018 - UPDATE # 1
All credit card billing errors have been completely fixed back in Nov and fully tested as of 12/5/2018.

All functions for Notifications (Saved Search and Status Change) are fully functional.

All repayments continue. We think we've identified all Users that were affected and have been notified.

All (but one) Unions / Guilds (have agreed to a revised Union Discount that will be rolled out starting today.

New pricing will be basically:
$50 / month (flat, flat, flat)
50% off = $250 / year with Union Discount.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions - [email protected]

[email protected]
818-451-7030 ^top

How can I see other projects that people have worked on? Oct 06, 2009

When you click on a project in the database, you may click on any name in the crew listed to see what other projects that person is attached to.

You may also search by the specific name by going to production listings, type in the persons name, tick off person, and search. You may do this in list or paper view. ^top

How do I cancel my account? May 21, 2010

7/14/2018 - for now, to be sure, email me or Olivia and we'll cancel it for you and note your account.

Olivia [email protected]
Patrick - [email protected]


Piano Man Fiesco - Billing Problems explained Nov 02, 2018 (rev12) Oct 25, 2021

Hello All,

To recap the problem - we hired a guy we call the Piano Man because during some work he did for us, a piano fell on him.

Seriously. I have the pictures.

Anyway, Piano Man made some changes that were intended to allow us to change our rates and upgrade people to the price increase.

He fucked it up six ways from Sunday.

Olivia and Eugene and I have pretty much fixed / stopped that drain of cash and all the associated Charge Backs we've been hit with over the past 10 months.

BUT, because misery loves company, the banking world around us is in complete panic mode because of the Wells Fargo $billion dollar fines and general privacy and security issues that were / are out there. Especially in the credit card transnational area - us taking subscribers credit cards.

So, as of right this second and since late March, we haven't been able to take any new subscriptions payments for new subscribers or people that are trying to update their information.

This relates to the server operating system - (hint, not a Windows OS). Many of the forced upgrades / updates to the security structure related to transnational commerce have left us in a bad place.

We have an old server (Old Server) that needs the updated OS. In order to do that, we have to have a place to put all our data while Eugene attempts to updated the OS.

We now have a new server (New Server).

So the plan is, as of this morning, Eugene will:
- Do a full server backup of the entire hard drives to the New Server
- Once done, he will attempt to update the Old Server's OS
- Assuming basic functionality, we should be back to taking all credit card transactions right away.

If things go wrong, we have discussed what to keep and what we can live with that can be fixed later:
- WordPress
- Mail Server
- Find Film Work (ffw) - Production Listings

With just those three things as must-run's, we should be up and running some time on Friday evening.

Eugene will let me know if the payment and other vital functions are good and an update on the back up status.

We have at least a hundred subscribers that are clamoring to pay us - many of you have seen the emails.

Once done, we can go back and let all this people know we're ready to take their money.

This is the only path through our cash flow problems and our server problems.

Feel free to ask simple questions to me if you like but know this, in order to survive and flourish, we need the back bone of the Production Listings.

July (end) 2018 - UPDATE
- Server stabilized
- Payment double billing (and on many, multiple annual billings each month) have been fixed - !
- Refunds to those affected continue to trickle out as funds allow, mostly on Tuesdays.
- Continuing to identify and make all necessary repayments as we find them - PLEASE reach out to me personally if you suspect you were getting hit with this - [email protected].

UPDATE 12/5/2018 - All billing issues have been fully repaired and tested over the past 3 weeks. New programmer has made all the difference. The 'Sky is Falling' FAQ has more details including new Union Discount rate information. ^top